My Blue Jean Life

Hi! I am Kam and I write quite a few articles, on a variety of topics, with a couple of them published so far. My home is everywhere USA. Throughout our years together, my husband and I have always enjoyed different “adventures”. We are starting out on our newest journey, and most likely our last. I love to share what I have learned, and still learn, while going through the ups, downs, ins, outs, and even the tranquil times. I hope that each of them can shed some light on at least one other soul who is going through the same experience. Maybe even give them a bright look at the future spread before them. I would love it if you would join us; Jim, Kam, Bhudda (the Pug), Zoey (the Chihuahua), and Treasure (the grey Tabby) in our goal to have a relaxed, enchanted, blessed life lived in denim.

**Note: It’s a shame, but we have to note the following:

The information contained in any of the posts found on this site are personal, private property and may not be shared, copied, re-written, or duplicated and used in any form whatsoever, no matter what creative and inventive terminology you may use to frame it. You are welcome to send us an email for written permission if you wish to use any of it and you will find we are most accommodating. However, should you choose to violate our rights and trust, understand we will use every means at our disposal to pursue and correct the abuse.