Why My Blue Jean Life?

Of course, whenever a new blog comes to be, there is a need for an introduction. Here is mine;

I am Kam Traynham and I have been told for years that I should share our unique experiences. It seems that my husband and I have been through quite a few in our 55+ years. Don’t let the age throw you off, though. I will be covering topics from the teen years all the way through my life, closing fast on 60 years after my Christmas birthday this year.

I hope you can join me on my weekly(ish) visits. Sunday seems to be a downtime so that looks like the perfect time for our keeping in touch.

Just a taste, while we are warming up the oven? Okay! Since being together the past 32 years, the majority of these experiences have been shared with my husband, Jim, so you might want to get used to him being there with us. Together we have lived in 6 different states (different is the key word here) and we have been in some of them multiple times in various locations. I am originally from Michigan, more above the ring finger than the thumb. Jim was raised in Texas after his birth in Oklahoma (best not mentioned too often). You might have guessed that we have lived in both Michigan and Texas during our time together. You are right.

First, though, we met in Charleston, S.C. on my very first evening living in that wonderful city (pre-Hugo). Jim was in the US Navy (base now closed) on FF1072 (now history also) and I had decided that I wanted to move from the DC area to take up a new trade on the battery in historic Charleston. I had only moved half of my things at the point that we met and it was a very chaotic time. Our first few years together were quite different, as is usual in new relationships, but for unusual reasons having little or nothing to do with us as a couple. We will save those juicy bits for later. Right now they can simmer for flavor.

Instead, beginning next Sunday, I would like to bring you face to face with our current challenge/adventure/task in the Traynham family home. Yes! Back in Texas in a home that has been in this family since 1973, when my husband was only 9 years old. This is our 2nd time actually living in Texas, with our first go around in the late 90’s/early 00’s. That was in Abilene which, I guarantee was not the same city as the song. It was also a totally different Texas than Wichita Falls. Different people, different life, different history, and different ethnicity altogether.

I can’t wait to start our trip together. Maybe we can learn from each other as I remember and you comment?! That would be a great relationship and it might even show the rest of the country how folks with differences can still appreciate and love one another. Join me, please. Ooops, there goes the oven timer!!