The Wooden Roller Coaster

What? What! Yes! That is what remodeling an older home a bit at a time reminds me of. A wooden roller coaster. Shaky, wobbly, noisy, highs and lows, and pure fear at times. Add to that, it’s just a small part of the kitchen so far and whoosh!

So, as I was framing in the base for the window seat in the breakfast area of our kitchen, I had to remove damaged drywall, and everything behind it. Part of the reason was the definite need for some insulation, but we needed to make sure the windows are securely framed before we install replacements this spring also. Good thing we did this, even though finding what we did is not really something I would normally consider “good”. We found shiplap that had been removed and replaced haphazardly, and plaster behind that (or at least the remains of plaster). What we did not find was a single 2×4 stud. Not a single semblance of one. Plus, the interior layer of brick was crumbling under one of the windows. (Remember the scary?!)

Now we know what we are dealing with. Good! Now we know what we are dealing with. Bad! It is definitely slowing down the work, but we are going to be able to replace all of the missing studs and framing so that the top floor doesn’t fall down on top of us. It is definitely more that we thought we would run into though.

Meanwhile, I kept working on pieces that did not require the completion of the wall to finish. Jim chose some really awesome paisley fabric for the cushions to the bench and I was able to add a strip of fabric to the bottom of the curtains I bought for the windows. The goal is to eventually turn those curtains into roman shades so I am excited about the slow but steady movement forward in this area. Quite a few little projects to keep me busy while we contemplate the wall restoration. Each one a small piece of the big finish.

The pattern of browns and creams will be neutral enough to go with the Wild Truffle finish on the bench and cabinets. It also has a really dark outline to match any blacks or dark greys that are in complimentary pieces such as the appliances. We will be able to keep adding the accents of turquoise and sea glass also.

The curtains are a creamy gauze with a slight greige pattern which is picked up by the stripe of paisley fringe. When I get the entire project complete, and they are more of a Roman Shade than curtain, they will not allow quite as much glare but, when the new windows are installed there will still be plenty of natural light below the shades. The old school blinds are on their way out of this house. With energy efficient windows we will not have to keep them all covered and dark. How fabulous is that?!

Being as OCD as I am, it is amazing that I have been able to work on various areas of this project without going crazy (well, more crazy). I guess, seeing everything changing daily is enough to keep me going for now. Before we go any further with the kitchen space, we need to remove the rest of the drywall and whatever and get that space shored up. By then they will be here to restore the foundation and the work will start moving along. As for now, the pace is perfect while I am nursing Pneumonia, Pleurisy, and Bronchitis.

By the by, I have decided that I am going to finish off the top few coats on the floor with an oil based, satin polyurethane. Some soft shine that won’t cover the stenciling with a hard shine bounce. Plus, it should still lend the look of rustic, aged finishing. That has to wait until the cough and breathing issues let up because of the VOCs associated with that finish. I am so excited about the day I can finish the kitchen floor. That is my favorite project in the house so far.

I would love to hear what y’all think and any suggestions you may have. I am learning a lot of this as I go. Thanks for spending time with me and God bless you! See you next Sunday.



I am a young (pushing 60) woman from the USA who is as honest and forthright as I can be. I am a Christian (faith, not religion), Libertarian (who supports current administration regardless of who it is), pro-life, pro-gun, pro-legalization of marijuana (and any other natural medicinal plant given by God), and I am NOT anti-anything or anyone. If you are living outside of God's perfect plan, I will pray for you in private BUT I will NOT judge you. Only one perfect individual has ever lived on this earth and is capable of judging and saving you and, although my birthday is Christmas morn, that person is not me. I am a well practiced sinner.

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