Slow and Steady

This week I have very little to update in regards to our house. It has been a week of cleaning, dumping, and planning that is not something to show on a photo. It is, however, very necessary and still fulfilling and forward movement.

In addition to working around here, I did start work on a city wide program for neighbors to help neighbors help neighbors (like the crazy description?). I am excited to get this going so that we can bring people together under positive, progressive programs that rely on individuals within the community and not the government. It is called Neighborhood Resolve and we will have a FB page and group. Anyone interested in following along is welcome. I am working on the website design right now. I want it to be above and beyond.

That being said, what we did accomplish this week was the removal of carpet from 2 more rooms. Even though the floors need to be finished, it sure looks 100% better without the gnatty carpet that is covered with stains from who-knows-what? I don’t even like to think about the possibilities. I promise that this carpet removal process is a long, tedious chore for us. Age and health aside, hauling carpet and padding down stairs and out to the trailer is a ton of work. I didn’t realize just how heavy that stuff is, even when you cut it into smaller pieces. This removal alone is enough to convince me that I will never lay carpet in a home.

I worked on removing some of the built-ins where we are planning to have the master bedroom and bathroom. It had to be cleaned out first, like the rest of the house. There were 3 of those big, old, tube type televisions that have to go. Thing is, you cannot throw old electronics into the everyday trash and the dumps will not accept them in Texas. The heavy metals cannot be allowed to seep into the soil. We have to dismantle them and remove the different metal pieces so that we can have them recycled. The mercury glass, gold, copper, aluminum, etc. are all items that can be separately recycled and the only piece we found that we have to pay to recycle is the mercury glass. Hopefully the others will pay that cost. I would rather recycle these metals rather than poison the soil with them.

This next week we are going to jump back into the kitchen. Still a lot of work to do on the wall with the bench seat and range. We need to remove the rest of the plaster, etc., so that we can get into the walls. We need to start our project of making sure there is proper structural framing in the walls and, if not, we will have to work on restoring it. Regardless, we need to insulate and put up drywall.

I will have to contact the foundation guys too. I have to find out where and how their tunneling will affect my yard because I cannot spend the time and money to install my permaculture, edible landscape just to have it torn up a few weeks later. I have my plant starts and several could be put outside now but I may have to reconfigure the layout.

All in all, next week promises to be very busy and a great workout. Maybe I will keep up my weight loss success of the past couple of weeks. I am so excited to be able to get outside and get my hands dirty. Gardening, and basically all things nature, are my passion. I love the smell of fresh dirt and young plants. I am hoping that in the next three or four years my front yards will look as good as this.

By the by, kids. I have a very open attitude when it comes to all of you. I love you just as God commanded. I will not have conversations or posts that pertain to politics on this blog and site. I do not wish to debate with anyone. I believe we should all let go of our prejudice and judgement and come together to help each other to “live long and prosper”. I only hope all of you can do the same. Love is the greatest of the commandments. God bless and I hope to see you on the journey.