A Question to My Readers

How many of you are starting to get completely fed up with the overt intrusion into our privacy? Maybe you are already fully there! What am I talking about? Well, let’s look into this.

Years ago I worked for BCBS of TX/IL/NM. It was at the time when the Blackberry first came out and was an absolutely amazing piece of technology. I still remember when they rolled out workplace email. That was HUGE!! For a minute. Then someone invented SPAM! Thousands of emails flooding your inbox on a daily basis. At the beginning they hadn’t developed the unsubscribe function so all you could do was delete them. Of course they showed right back up the next day. Oh bother!!

Well, today we can unsubscribe, HaHaHa! Have you ever tallied the amount of time you spend unsubscribing from trash? Then how do you remember if you have removed yourself from one list or another? I swear that there are still dozens of emails coming in from sites I have opted out of. Luckily, that intrusion is diminishing bit by bit, day by day. Why? Because it is being replaced by unwanted texts that waste not only your time, but for many folks, data usage blows up. Yep, you can opt out of these as well. Use even more of your data to respond “STOP” or “QUIT”. Now I even say it, OMG!!

These intrusions are frustrating at best, I know. The ones that really get me are the more recently occurring type. They relate directly to internet searches for virtually any topic you can imagine. The history of customer service can be summed up pretty fairly by looking at this procession of events.

Remember when you called a company for some kind of information you needed only to be greeted by some new fangled answering system that asked a ton of questions and got you nowhere but frustrated? Maybe it was you insurance, phone service, utilities, cable or some other office where you expect good, knowledgeable, human contact. You begin the call with one simple request for information. By the time you are able to connect with a flesh and blood service representative you are so furious at the amount of time and lack of assistance that your threads are bare. Then you get that person and they can’t provide the answer or they give you incorrect information. I know! I know!

Now, not only do you have even more complicated and less capable phone systems to prevent human contact when you need and want it, but you have the intrusions when you least want them. Take a typical search on the Google, say it’s for what houses may be available for sale in your neighborhood. You want to have comps so you can decide if it is the right time to sell or if it is feasible to do some remodeling. This is information you are perfectly capable of gleaning yourself. No need to call a local agent. You do your search and you choose one of the dozens of sites that provides comps. Before you even fill out the entire search form your phone is ringing and it’s not a recognizable number so you answer. It’s a real estate agent calling to assist with your search for a new home!? SERIOUSLY!!

I can’t get a decent human interaction when I am phoning a place of business where customer service is a definite requirement but I get a phone call from someone when I am attempting to perform a generic internet search and I haven’t even provided my personal contact information? Where are they getting my phone number, name, address, and other information from? Why are they calling, texting and emailing me when I haven’t given them permission to do so? How come they don’t answer their incoming calls and take care of them with such intensity and generosity?

This should really cause all of us to pause and wonder! How much privacy do you truly have with all of this technology surrounding you? Are you really directing your own life? What decisions would you make for yourself if someone wasn’t constantly behind the scenes orchestrating what internet, social media, and postal advertising was available to you? I bet at least 50% of the time 95% of us would make different choices in nearly every arena. Think about it!

Let me know how you feel about these recent developments in our societal interactions and share how they have affected your daily life. Love to hear from you!

God Bless!



I am a young (pushing 60) woman from the USA who is as honest and forthright as I can be. I am a Christian (faith, not religion), Libertarian (who supports current administration regardless of who it is), pro-life, pro-gun, pro-legalization of marijuana (and any other natural medicinal plant given by God), and I am NOT anti-anything or anyone. If you are living outside of God's perfect plan, I will pray for you in private BUT I will NOT judge you. Only one perfect individual has ever lived on this earth and is capable of judging and saving you and, although my birthday is Christmas morn, that person is not me. I am a well practiced sinner.

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