Decisions Decision, Decisions

Yup! Decisions! We have a bunch of them that we need to make and each one of them has different weights that we need to consider. All of this comes from our past 2 months of living in the Skoolie. Some are changes to the layout that are purely based on making life a little more comfortable when parked at a base camp. Others are in regards to our TOAD. Still others concern both aspects. I should stress that not one of them is necessary to maintain a comfortable life while traveling. We are currently set up perfectly fine for that. These are simply preferential alterations.

The first thing we are looking at is how we will transport our 2016 BMW X1 28i. When we began planning our travels we had planned to drive the Beemer because we actually get about 40 mpg and we have an extended warranty which is bumper to bumper coverage with unlimited miles. We also have run flat tires that are covered in full under a separate warranty. These vehicles are not designed to be flat or dolly towed and, to be quite honest, driving it as the lead vehicle would provide a navigator that could also act as an escort through heavy traffic. Not to mention the additional advance notice of turns, construction, accidents and other obstacles which might otherwise require fast braking by a very heavy vehicle relying on air brakes.

However, there are a lot of negative factors involved in the plan above. For instance, there are a lot of miles that we would be adding to the car and that would require additional oil, transmission fluid, brake fluid and pad, and other system maintenance. Plus, tires that simply wear out are not covered by the warranty and they are a sweet $300 +/- each to replace. Of course, there is the additional risk of accident which would put it out of commission during repair time. Besides, even though we are planning to travel 200 miles or less per move, we would still be traveling in separate vehicles. I know, I know; Awww!!

That being said, Daniel is to the rescue again. He happens to have the perfect trailer for conversion to a car hauler sitting, unused, right outside of his house. With a little bit of elbow grease, and a lot less money, we can create the perfect trailer which will tote our car and give us room for a small enclosed space at the front for some other conveniences that the bus is missing. So, the decision has been made and we will be towing our car. I am stoked. This is going to be a great addition to our little caravan and, from what we understand, because the drag of the bus is already there this trailer will not really affect our gas mileage much at all. Sounds like we will actually be saving some gas money as well and who doesn’t love to save money?!

I am sure as I am alive that there will be some adjustments to our plans as we continue along this new path. The first being the amount of time we will be spending here in construction mode before hitting the open road. As much as I hate the sound of that (not because of the company) it is for the betterment of our future excursions. In some of our future posts I will be sharing the project plans, the progress, and how much the changes will affect our plans now and further down the road. If you have questions in the meantime, please don’t hesitate to shoot us a line.

This alteration to plans will also change the way some of the bus space is set up. That is another exciting advent and, aside from the work involved, I am super excited about the options here. I will share a lot of before and after photos along the way so stay with us and let us know if you have any cool ideas of your own for personalizing a space like this. We absolutely love to hear from all of you about the different little tips, tricks, and gadgets that make life more convenient while keeping it minimal. We are a long way from knowing everything so we are open to advice from all of your varied experiences.

Don’t forget to check us out on Patreon. Now that we are creating again we will be sharing detailed plans and product information with our Patrons on our page there. If you prefer social media like Facebook, Twitter, etc., just look for us. We are always MyBlueJeanLife so search us out and keep us updated.

Until then, we will see you on the byways. God Bless!

Jim and Kam



I am a young (pushing 60) woman from the USA who is as honest and forthright as I can be. I am a Christian (faith, not religion), Libertarian (who supports current administration regardless of who it is), pro-life, pro-gun, pro-legalization of marijuana (and any other natural medicinal plant given by God), and I am NOT anti-anything or anyone. If you are living outside of God's perfect plan, I will pray for you in private BUT I will NOT judge you. Only one perfect individual has ever lived on this earth and is capable of judging and saving you and, although my birthday is Christmas morn, that person is not me. I am a well practiced sinner.

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