What? Who? When? Wait, WHY? (part 1)

As you can imagine, like any who makes untraditional life choices, we get a lot of people asking us all of these questions. In our case, it isn’t really my family that asks. They have become accustomed to our “unique” choices. After all, as anyone who has known me for the past 50+ years will tell you, if your reason is “we’ve always done it this way” I will run the opposite direction just as fast as my aging legs will carry me. It just so happens that I was fortunate enough to find someone else who tends to buck the system just as hard.

However, for those who don’t know us our choices can be a bit befuddling. So here I am, trying to provide the answers in an understandable format. Let’s take them one at a time and here we go:

WHAT? Exactly. Well, Jim and I are both in forced retirement. That is a topic for a later discussion, but, because of the very restrictive income we have we have two choices. Live in a very impoverished state while attempting to live in the traditional home in an urban area using the usual public utilities while subsisting on a standard diet and waiting to die; OR, choose an alternative lifestyle where we can actually go forward with actually LIVING. Therefore, we chose the latter.

We live in a Skoolie, which is a converted 28′ 1998 Bluebird bus which started life as a Church Bus. We have the usual necessities in our bus. We have a “living area” where we can gather with friends and family comfortably. In fact, we recently had 9 full size adults visiting here before a funeral. I can’t say that we will ever attempt that many folks at once, again. It wasn’t extremely uncomfortable though. It worked.

We also have a full kitchen, although it doesn’t include your “standard” appliances, it does have a refrigerator/freezer, a combo oven, a coffee/tea pot, a small sink, and a stove top. Now, to be clear, the fridge is small (a bit more than 6 cf), and we will be adding an independent freezer in the future. The combo oven is very efficient and also works as an air fryer, toaster, broiler, etc. It has performed well and we have found it sufficient for everything we have needed. The electric two burner set up we use as our stove top has also met every need we have had. The pot is a coffee urn which sits on an electric base and heats very well. Since I have a french press and I also drink a good amount of herbal teas this works absolutely fantastic for our needs. I know most folks would complain about the amount of storage space we have but I find it very spacious now that we are embracing the minimalist lifestyle.

Our bathroom is just a composting toilet at this time. We are adding a full shower in the next two months so we will have all of the amenities at hand. All that’s left after that would be our closet, currently two drawers, three cabinets, and a hanging wardrobe. Finishing up with a standard queen size bed and television in our sleeping quarters.

WHO? Well, as I mentioned earlier, there are 5 of us in our family. Two of us are human adults and we have our three “kids” which are the 2 pups and our kitkat. We are used to sharing small spaces so this is more than enough and, wherever we are we make it a point to have plenty of outdoor room to spread out in. We are very much the outdoor types anyway so that is our preference.

In the next post I will continue with this same discussion. In the meantime, if you have any questions or comments please feel free to contact us. Also, we will include links to the specific products that we use on this site, in Patreon, and on our YouTube Channel once we go live. Please visit these products through our links. They help cover the costs associated with providing this information and they don’t cost you a single penny, just a wee bit of time. Thanks. We would love to hear from you.

Until then God Bless and can’t wait to see you on the Byways.



I am a young (pushing 60) woman from the USA who is as honest and forthright as I can be. I am a Christian (faith, not religion), Libertarian (who supports current administration regardless of who it is), pro-life, pro-gun, pro-legalization of marijuana (and any other natural medicinal plant given by God), and I do my best to love. If you are living outside of God's perfect plan, I will pray for you in private BUT I will NOT judge you. Only one perfect individual has ever lived on this earth and is capable of judging and saving you and it is not me. I am a well practiced sinner. If you don't agree with my feelings, opinions, or decisions you are welcome to not follow my blog. The posts herein are my personal property, and NO ONE is welcome to share them without my express written consent. Additionally, our logo is branded, as is our name. Please don't do yourself any favors by attempting to copy either. If you choose to do so you will be subject to the full extent of all legal ramifications at my disposal. Fair warning. It isn't difficult to ask for permission and I am a very reasonable lady. God Bless!

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