Chronic and Construction

Back to tell more and to hope that y’all are enjoying some part of our experience. It is a real tale of living in a home during diy remodeling. Not only living here for real, but doing this remodel using a cash only budget and taking the time we need during our late 50’s and early 60’s with our numerous health issues.

I hope that this gives everyone hope and motivation to do their own projects and to realize that it isn’t a race and you don’t have to go in hock for the rest of your life. It really is amazing how much more money you have to spend when you aren’t paying someone else to use their money.

This week took an unexpected turn when it came to what we worked on. First was the fact that my asthma has been getting worse and worse. Usually when it starts to get heavy inside I will take it outside for a bit, working in the garden or the shed. Second, this week however, was the bitter cold we had. Not as bad as those of you up north, but bitter and unwelcoming. Definitely not for gardening no matter how dedicated a greenie I claim to be.

Because of my asthma and the chronic cough that is resulting, I had to focus on cleaning the air as much as possible. That meant removing irritants and the absolute worst is the ancient carpets that have started to disintegrate. The more of the rooms we pull out the more we see just how much poisonous, noxious, chemical dust we have been inhaling every day. The constant air movement from the heaters and fans has only made it heavier. My breathing treatments, Advair, and rescue inhaler have had little effect and this realization has made me aware that this next week we have to finish the last 3 rooms of carpet.

I did get the opportunity to finish the other large cushion for the top of the breakfast nook window bench. I am totally excited about that. I can’t wait to get the table for that area so that we can effectively utilize the space for dining. Our pups are getting too nosey with our eating in the living room. Not a good habit pattern for them to get into. It will definitely help us to stay on target with the keto diet we have started also. You gotta love a diet where you can eat all of the greasy meat and cheese you want and the vegetables you love.

I will agree that removing carpet and padding isn’t the most glamorous part of remodeling, but it is a crucial part in bringing back the wood and getting rid of the dust. That means better breathing all around. All in all, that is well worth the time taken away from our kitchen. It also means that we are closer to moving our bedroom upstairs. Definitely looking forward to that move. I hope you hang in there with us. Since this week is another grunt work week I will try to get some good information about our budget and paying for things on a cash basis so as not to bust right through it. God bless and see you next week. Don’t forget to give us some feedback and we are always looking for good blogs to link up with if you are one.